The fifth Budo Cup Kumite Championships were held on Sunday at the Somersfield Academy Gymnasium — and were hailed a huge success.

Reuben Bean, president of Jiketsu Martial Productions, said: “I am extremely pleased with the success of the 5th Budo Cup Kumite Championships.

“Consistent with our philosophy, we aim to set the standard by providing quality events that afford the opportunity for our young athletes to develop and hone their skill-sets at a World Karate Federation level. To this end, I am pleased that we accomplished our goals.”

A crowd of over 100 cheered on the 25 participants.

Competing in a tournament such as this gives the participants so much more than a medal at the end of the day,” said Bean. 

“By competing they learn teamwork, strategy, sportsmanship, humility, patience and gain significant self-confidence by facing their fears inside and out of the tatami [mat]. 

“We’re excited to see the commitment of these young Karateka and anticipate the continued structured enhancement of our young athletes.” n