Smooth sailing: Dr Maureen Johnston said Bermuda’s sporting facilities are very good and improving. *Photo by Sarah Lagan
Smooth sailing: Dr Maureen Johnston said Bermuda’s sporting facilities are very good and improving. *Photo by Sarah Lagan

FRIDAY, OCT. 26: Bermuda has the potential to become a host for one of the Corporate Games world events according to its founder Dr Maureen Johnston. 

This year the island is making its inaugural debut for the Atlantic region but with a little development could host the much larger world competition.

Dr Johnston told the Bermuda Sun: “There is no reason why in the future it wont be done here because you have got the right kind of leadership.

“You are developing more and more facilities here — and you need mass participation facilities for the world event. The quality of facilities here is very good and improving you are building a very beautiful new swimming complex which is terrific. You’ve got beaches that would be wonderful for sports such as beach soccer, netball and volleyball and there are schools whose facilities we can use.”

One of the largest Corporate Games world events was in Melbourne, which hosted more than 12,000 athletes — far too much for little Bermuda to cope with.

But Dr Johnston added: “Just because the world event is large event doesn’t mean to say we have to have thousands in it — one can look very carefully at the facilities and design the programme to accommodate that. In two or three year’s time who knows? Wouldn’t it be fantastic?”

Dr Johnston said that Bermuda stood to gain a great deal by hosting these inaugural games as well as future Corporate Games. Not only could it boost tourism but also business opportunities.

“What about the business to business contacts?” she posed. “There have been some tremendous results over the years in what happens when we have key business people meeting other key business people during the games. All of this is a terrific business environment. Before long you would be surprised what is happening.


“It also helps tourism because there is a reason to come to Bermuda. When the participants come they say, ‘wow, we are coming back and bringing the family back next time’. Or ‘why don’t we have the company sales meeting in Bermuda?’ That happens a lot in host countries.

“And what about fitness in the workplace? What about reducing health problems, sicknesses and days off? Governments around the world are trying to do this — they are all confronted with escalating health costs and they are concerned about obesity. It is a major problem. By having the games, which is motivational, people often continue to stay fit.”

The Corporate Games take place from October 25-28 across the island and includes 15 sports and four socials.