The winning Bermuda dressage team. *Photo supplied
The winning Bermuda dressage team. *Photo supplied

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11: Bermuda has won the adult team competition in the CEA Dressage Competition, pipping Barbados to victory in a thrilling performance.

The home team's excellent display also left Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Trinidand & Tobago in its wake.

Last up, Bermuda knew they needed to beat Barbados’ score of 201.379 per cent - and they did just that by registering a final score of 202.231 per cent.

In the children’s competition, the Cayman Islands triumphed with 208.621 per cent, with Bermuda in second with 195.344 per cent.

All competitors had the same set of tests with the judge, Ann Forer of the USA, travelling to the different islands to judge the competition.