Scott Campbell. *Photo by Don Burgess
Scott Campbell. *Photo by Don Burgess

FRIDAY, OCT. 19: Scott Campbell, who works with both the Bermuda Inline Hockey League and the Bermuda Ball Hockey Association, said: “This is great and the ball hockey guys are really excited to use this especially when we train for the World Championships because we really didn’t have a real rink to practice on so this is going to help us tremendously.

“We didn’t have a real rink before so we couldn’t run a real practice with breakouts and get on our lines and play on a real dimension of a real rink because before we were playing in a gym that didn’t have boards and didn’t have a fence behind the net, it’s not to regulation and didn’t have a red line and a blue line. We couldn’t practice playing a real game where there are offsides and icings.”

The facility will also give Bermuda help to revive the Caribbean Cup and host it here.

Bermuda won the Cup in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

Campbell said he wasn’t sure of the chance of Bermuda hosting the Caribbean Cup but “it’s something that could happen now. We could never do that before but now that we have a rink that’s up to the dimensions, the Caribbean Cup is a possibility.

“If someone could get it organized it would be great to have it here and have other teams from other countries come here to play would be great.”

Mike Daly, president of the BIHL, said the rink was made so it could host international tournaments.

“The minimum width for international tournaments is 78’ and this is 80’. We definitely see the facility as one that can house international tournaments and it’s something that Scott and his people are going to push for.

“That’s what we encourage and want to happen here.”