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*AFP photo

You’re at home, you are your country’s supposed legend in waiting and you wear #10, just like a certain Pele.

No pressure, then. The above scenario is, though, exactly where Barcelona’s Neymar is at the moment.

His club-mate Dani Alves was at pains to talk up the 22-year-old’s chances of being the hero this summer.

“Neymar is superbly talented and had a good season,” he said. “You have to remember that he was playing his first season in Europe and Spain is not an easy country to make your debut.

“Barcelona have a unique style of football. You have to adapt to it and it takes quite some time. But Neymar did not take much time to fit into the team, basically because of his technical excellence and tactical awareness. 

“At this tender age, this kind of maturity on the field is quite rare. That is why we all know he is special and he will show the same in the World Cup.”

Ronaldo, the winner of two World Cups (1994, 2002) with Brazil, believes the nation’s latest pin-up is ready to embrace the biggest stage of them all.

“Brazil are entering the World Cup with much more confidence than we had when we entered the World Cup in 2002,” Ronaldo said.

“I believe that the squad we have for 2014 is really strong. We have a balanced team, full of a lot of talent. Neymar is a fantastic kid, so talented, he is our great hope for the future.”