Bermuda's men's basketball team may have won a gold medal at the Island Games, but they'll face a whole different kind of challenge on Saturday.

Lee Greene, representative for SKY Sports, said people can expect a high level of basketball skills from his team in Saturday's contest against the Bermuda Select team.

Greene said People can expect a lot of three-point shooting and fancy dribbling.

He added his team was different than the Harlem Globetrotters who display more tricks, "whereas these guys are playing real basketball. It's basketball with tricks all within the confines of the rules. The players from SKY Streetball Syndicate played with a company called N1, which has been featured on ESPN since 2000."

The players will be available to sign autographs on Saturday and put on a dribbling exhibition at a guest appearance at the International Sports Shop from noon until 1pm.

Bill Russell and Dr. J will be at the game on Saturday as amabassadors for basketball to help hype up the event.