Shaun Goater has confirmed that he will play for Bermuda's new professional team - but only in emergencies.

The Goat told the Bermuda Sun that he will be on the roster for the, as yet unnamed side which will play in the United Soccer League Division Two in the States - provided the Bermuda Football Association gives the ambitious project its approval.

Goater, fresh from a tour of England to promote his new book Feed the Goat, said he was excited about the new team and would be helping out on the field when he was needed.

But he said the whole point of the exercise was to find the new Shaun Goater - not to extend the career of the old one.

The former Manchester City star said: "I don't expect to play more than a bit-part role. Maybe I'll come on for 10 minutes or so here and there, but I don't expect to play more than five games in a season.

"If we're under the cosh or there is an injury crisis then I could come on and try and change things.

"I don't want to have to play because the better thing would be for the players to see themselves through the difficult situations, rather than for me to come on and try and sort it out.

"I'll be keeping busy with all the admin, PR and marketing stuff."

He said he felt the new USL team was a necessary development for Bermuda football and gave all the island's players something to aspire to beyond the domestic league.

"Kyle (Lightbourne), Paul (Scope) and I are all excited about it. It's a really good standard. David Bascome played at that level for quite a few years so that tells you how high the standard is. We are moving up to the next level.

"It puts our players in the window and will help improve the local talent."

Goater who met with Scope and Lightbourne yesterday to prepare for a busy month ahead of the United Soccer League AGM in Tampa on November 16, where the Bermuda franchise will be introduced to the rest of the league.

Scope added: "We have an action plan for the next few weeks and we'll be hoping to get the bulk of that completed.

"The annual general meeting is not a question of us getting accepted (USL has already accepted the Bermuda bid) it's about introducing us and having us participate in the league meeting."

The league is due to start in April.