"The crowd aren't coming and this country should be ashamed of itself."

That's the sentiment of Arsenal coach Nick Jones at the lack of turnout for Island Soccer League games.

Jones Arsenal squad were spanked 15 to 6 by the Knights in Sunday's match at the National Centre. A contest played in front of just over 100 spectators.

Jones said while he's not used to being at the bottom of the pile (Arsenal are 0-5), this isn't about how his team is doing, it's about the country getting behind ISL commissioner David Bascome and his fledgling league.

"I am pissed off at this country. I'm pissed off at the soccer community and I'm pissed off at the public at large. There are people who scream and shout that there's nothing to do in this country," Jones said.

"This man has come here and broken his back to create something in Bermuda where people can come as a family to watch.

"This is quality entertainment. There are no problems on the pitch. There are good handouts and CellularOne is behind him 100 per cent and the crowd aren't coming and this country should be ashamed of itself.

Jones blamed the lack of turnout on "Bermuda's typical apathy to everything. We are so slow to accept anything new."

He acknowledges that the ISL had a few rough edges at the beginning as everything was brand new.

"There were a couple of mid-week games and kids were still in school, but David has made an adjustment. We've played a Friday, Saturday and Sunday twice. I'm not expecting everybody to go to all three games, but the lack of support shown has been terrible."

Jones said he's a big believer in Bascome because he's been giving back to the community ever since the former North Village player turned pro in the U.S.

"David and the ISL have done a tremendous job. This man needs to be patted on his back, for what he's done and what he's created. If people don't show up and start supporting this, this could disappear and that would be a disgrace.

"The way people are not showing up to support these teams is disgusting in my book. I just can't hold my tongue anymore."

Jones said he thought the ISL would be drawing around 500 fans on game days. He added that the games should be drawing 120 people as a base because of the families of the players involved.

"If you look at the crowds now, there are probably 120 to 150 people showing up. What's wrong with people? Bermuda has to do better than that. The public, scream, cry, moan and groan that there's nothing to do - and I can tell you that there's been plenty to do for the last six weeks when the ISL has been on and you all have missed the boat.