* Photo supplied.
Big time: Reggie Lambe, seated far left, said it was ‘amazing’ to see a big stadium like Ipswich Town and see the crowds of 25,000 plus turn out for matches.
* Photo supplied. Big time: Reggie Lambe, seated far left, said it was ‘amazing’ to see a big stadium like Ipswich Town and see the crowds of 25,000 plus turn out for matches.
Could he be the next Shaun Goater? Reggie Lambe made his World Cup debut on Sunday, a brief but entertaining cameo as a substitute in Bermuda's 1-1 draw with Cayman, a day before celebrating his 17th birthday.

Yesterday the youngster headed back to England Championship side Ipswich Town, where he is on a two-year scholarship at the Suffolk club's football academy, and a regular starter for their youth team.

We caught up with the talented midfielder to find out how Lambe was spotted by Ipswich scouts, life at a professional academy and his dreams of making it to the first team.

How did you get picked up by Ipswich?

I was playing with the Bermuda national team in Holland and one of the scouts from the Ipswich academy spotted me out there. They called me for a trial and I impressed the coaches enough for them to offer me a two-year scholarship. I liked the place and facilities so I took it. It was about two years ago when I was playing in Holland with the under-16s. I had my trial in November 2006 and I started at Ipswich in July.

What was the trial like?

When I first went there I didn't really know what to expect - I just thought it was a regular club. I got there and everything was much faster than I expected. I had to pick up the pace of my game. The other players were much sharper than I was. They were stronger and they like to slide in and really work to get the ball back. I had to pick up my game.

I was there for two weeks of training and assessment with their Under-16 team. At the end of it they said they were impressed by my style of play and that they thought I could improve over the years.

What was it like arriving at Ipswich and seeing the workings of a professional club for the first time?

It was amazing to see a big stadium like that after being here in Bermuda. It holds so many people - I think they get about 25,000 each week.

Going to my first game and watching the first team play for the first time and seeing the crowd cheering like that.... It was a bit different to back home.

I didn't know that much about Ipswich Town before I came here. But after I'd been here for a while I researched the club a little bit and I found out they were a pretty big club.

Who's your team in England?

I don't really support any team in England, but I do like Blackburn. I like a few of their players - Bentley, McCarthy, Santa Cruz.

I watch more Spanish football and I support Valencia. I like the whole team but Joaquín is probably my favourite player.

What's life like at the Ipswich academy?

We train Monday to Friday, twice a day at the beginning of the week and once at the end of the week.

We do weights programmes in the gym in the mornings, but most of the time we are out on the field. We are usually in the gym for about 45 minutes, then we do a lot of ball work in the morning.

You get looked over during the week to see if you will start at the weekend.

When I got back after Christmas I was a bit slow. I was not on top of my game, because I'd had about 15 Christmas dinners, but I picked it up and I'm getting in the team regularly now.

I've been playing on either the left or right of midfield.

Any of your team-mates made it to the first team yet?

Jordan Rhodes , our striker, has been on the bench for the first team. I can't play for the first team at the moment, I have to get to the end of my two-year-scholarship and then if they recommend me to the gaffer I'll get a professional contract.

How have you enjoyed it so far?

I feel, myself, like I have improved, I just love it. I love to play football.

What are your ambitions for the rest of your time out there?

I just intend to play and to have fun, impress the coaching staff and just hope that I get offered a contract.

What was it like playing for Bermuda in the World Cup yesterday?

It's a great opportunity to play for your country, but I think we could have done better and come away with a victory yesterday.

What did you think of the Cayman side. How do they compare to what you're up against with Ipswich?

I don't think they were that good. They were worse, I think, than what I am used to playing against, but we didn't beat them, so they can't be that bad. We didn't put away our chances so we can't complain,

Did you have any local football idols, growing up? Were you inspired by any of the local pros like Shaun Goater and Khano Smith?

I spoke to Shaun Goater before, but I basically started playing football because of my brother, Kevin Lambe. I used to watch him playing for PHC and I always wanted to play, too.

We used to play in the house and I would break everything. He would correct my technique and teach me how not to break stuff. He pretty much taught me how to play.

Anything else you want to take this opportunity to day?

Just for the young kids aspiring to be professional footballers, just keep your head up and work towards your goal.