Rise of the clones: With Flappy Bird no longer available, Flappy Bee (pictured) and Flappy Plane have seen their downloads skyrocket. *Screenshot
Rise of the clones: With Flappy Bird no longer available, Flappy Bee (pictured) and Flappy Plane have seen their downloads skyrocket. *Screenshot

Mobile game players have been scrambling after Flappy Bird was pulled from the Google Play and Apple iStores this week. 

Some users feel like they missed out on what was a meteoric rise and fall of what could have become an iconic app.

The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen, pulled it as it appeared the success of the game became too much for him to handle.

His Twitter account (dongatory) has gone silent after his February 8 announcement that it will no longer be available. 

But with necessity being the mother of invention, other games have come to the void left by Flappy Bird.

Ironpants, a Flappy Bird clone, has jumped to the top download spot that has been vacated by Mr Nguyen. 

Flappy Bird Flyer and Flappy Bee are rising games and will be in the top 10 when next week’s rankings are out. Clumsy Bird and Flappy Plane (IOS users only), more clones, are in the top 20. 

There are now close to 100 games that could be considered clones of Flappy Bird, all looking for market share.

Others include: Fluffy vs Flappy Birds, Splashy Fish, Smarcle Flyer, A Flappy Turkey World, Flappy Fish, Flappy Penguin, and City Bird — Flappy Flyer.

One of Mr Nguyen’s other games, Super Ball Juggling, has jumped to the number two spot in the iTune Stores. His game Shuren Block has not reached the same popularity but is also on the rise.

Jasmine Smith told the Bermuda Sun: “The reason I find it so addicting is because all my friends and I are trying to beat each other in high scores, which are usually pretty low anyway.

“I celebrated when I got past 16! I think the game will probably die off now that you can’t get it in the app store. Though I am very interested in phones (with the app installed) going for $90k+ on eBay. Maybe someone’s wants my cracked S4!”

Deanna Haire, told the Bermuda Sun she said the game is addicting.

“It’s such a simple concept that it should be really easy to play, so when you die right away you think it’s a fluke but it’s not.

“I’m playing it and it is so frustrating and have only been able to make it to 44.”

“I don’t understand why they are pulling it from the app store but I guess lucky me that I got it before it was gone.”

 Some of the controversy surrounding Flappy Bird is an advertisement that appears (As a free game, it makes its money by paid advertisers who have a banner ad at the top of it).

The ad in question was ‘Need a Sugar Mommy?’, which says: “Want a rich woman to take care of your every need? We have 1000’s (sic) on our site. Signup now.”

Ms Haire said she “was a little shocked” at that ad.”