Novice: Flipagram is a fun way to turn your photos into a slide show with music. *Screenshot
Novice: Flipagram is a fun way to turn your photos into a slide show with music. *Screenshot

With George Thurgood’s Bad to the Bone blaring, I embarked on my career as a videographer on Monday night.

Okay, it was more of a slideshow set to music, but it still was pretty good.

Flipagram is the hottest free app on iTunes.

The app allows you take your photos from social media and put music to it to create a slideshow (although Flipagram officially describes it as a ‘short video’). 

While it was created as an app for Instagram, you can also upload your videos to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

I’ve had the app on my iPad Mini for a few weeks now and finally got around to seeing what all the fuss is about.

The process was fairly simple. You take photos from your social media accounts at Facebook or Instagram. It’s as easy as selecting an album and tapping on the photos that you want. Once you have all the photos you are going to use, you can then select a song that you already have in your iTunes library.

You can also select how fast you want the slides to switch.

Press play and you’re ready to go and share with your social media contacts.

It’s that easy. 

Well, kind of.

I made one of various shots from my life and was trying to time the music to end at the last photo. That involved me deleting photos from the video and speeding up how fast the photos switched.

To pick the photos and the song took less than 15 minutes. Trying to time it right (and this has more to do with me, than the app) took another hour. 

While pleased with my first Flipagram, there are several things I would do differently.

I didn’t see a function where you could rearrange the photos after selecting them, which was a pain. Maybe there is one, but if there was I missed it.

The next time I make a Flipagram, and there will be a next time, I’ll sort through all my photos and decide which ones that I want and in what order.

This will take more time, but produce a more polished video. 

You can check out my Flipagram here: