Bradford City's James Hanson, left, celebrates after his goal alongside Nahki Wells and his teammates. *AFP photo
Bradford City's James Hanson, left, celebrates after his goal alongside Nahki Wells and his teammates. *AFP photo

So there it is. Wells collects his medal, hugs the chairman and goes off to celebrate. Not before he's made a lot of Bradford fans happy by saying he wants to play in League One with them next season. Still think a big bid might alter things on that front but that speculation is for another day. For now, and in particular for those in Bermuda, it's a day to celebrate a marvellous achievement by the former CedarBridge Academy pupil.

Wells: 'It's a dream come true. We worked so hard together. I think we'be played the most games in the country, and to come this far and finish it off in this fashion is unbelievable.
"It's a big game and we wanted to come confident, not arrogant. We came and did what we had to do and to win this comfortably is unbelievable."
Does he want to stay at Bradford?
"Absolutely. When you're doing well you get all the attention but it wouldn't possible without all the players keeping you going.
I'm contracted to Bradford so I will be playing League One next season."

Nahki Wells is named the man of the match. As if his day couldn't get any better.

Final whistle: The celebrations begin. Superb scenes. Wells comes back on to the pitch to join in. He promised he'd score and he did. 
'We are going up' is the chant. Well deserved.

90: Northampton finally get a shot on target. They've been utterly dominated.
90: Four minutes of added time. Nahki and Bradford City are heading to League One.

90: See sidebar for some Nahki tweets. More to come. Nothing's happening on the pitch btw - except for some very frustrated Northampton players.

85: Wells comes off to a standing ovation from the Bradford fans. Great performance, 26 for the season, made history. Shakes hands with the bench. Great scenes for Bermuda football fans.

79: Some great tweets knocking around about Nahki and the pride from this island is clear. I'll try to bring you a selection asap. In the meantime, City are going through the motions and seeing this game out. Some Northampton fans are in tears!

76: Wells tries to thread Thompson through and it almost comes off. Clubs are bound to come in for Nahki this summer, especially after this performance. City might also struggle to keep hold of their manager. We shall see.

73: Wells down with cramp. Not a surprise considering the running he's done.

72: Town whip in a cross but I can hardly be bothered to describe it because it lacks any semblance of threat. 

71: One twitter wit just claimed he's seen cruise ships turn faster than Akinfenwa. Nahki's a speedboat then.

67: SO CLOSE. Great build-up from Wells and Co down the left. Crisp passing fashions a chance for Nahki - the whole stadium thought he was going to crash it home but his shot lacked the power. Great stuff, though.

66: It's up to the Cobblers to do something but, quite frankly, they don't look up to it. Carlisle finally booked for another body-check.

63: Game comes alive as sub Akinfenwa turns and fires a shot just wide. Wells then bursts down the right and his cross is almost turn in by Reid. 

53: Wells darting all over the place at the moment – a real threat. The Bermudian’s then involved in a little bit of afters with Widdowson. It calms down pretty quick though. 

49: O’Donovan gets clattered by the Bantams keeper. Forgot City were playing a keeper to be honest.

48: Wells brutally bodychecked by Clarke Carlisle and City have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Nahki picking up where he left off.

45: Second half is under way.

Half-time musings: Apparently the only team who have played more games than Bradford City this season are Chelsea. At least if they get knackered in the second half they have a three-goal cushion. Northampton look like they've played 150 games this season, though.
Great first half - it's miraculously cured my hangover! 

Half-time: Well, history has been made for Bermuda. Wells' goal just before the half hour is a huge landmark for the island - the first from here to score at Wembley, eclipsing Shaun Goater and Kyle Lightbourne on that front. For Wells' team, his goal may well have put the game out of sight already. Bermudians, though, can afford to celebrate already.

45: Four minutes of added time. City give the ball away needlessly at the back - first mistake I can remember. They clear. Wells demands the ball outside the box, beats his man but his shot is blocked. He wants more goals!

45: City look happy to play the rest of the half it looks like. Wells chases down a back pass. He's the quickest player out there I reckon - like lightning at times. Hate to defend against him.

42: Northampton have some possession but there's little threat there. 

BBC pundit Phil Brown (ex-Bolton boss)
"It's an awful day for Northampton. It's great movement from Nahki Wells. IT should be game over and we're only 28 minutes in the clock."

38: Have to say for all City have been excellent, Northampton have been dire. Direct, no subtlety or pace.

34: Nahki weaves into the area but is thwarted. Northampton can't deal with him. By the way that's seven in six games for Wells against the Cobblers. Dream opponents!!

33: Wells should have made it four and two for himself. Clean through he scuffs his shot.

31: Can only imagine the scenes in the islands sports bars and in the Wells household. Nahki's been bright and has looked dangerous all game. Thoroughly deserved. Bermuda should be very proud. Job's not done yet though.

28: HE's DONE IT. WELLS SCORES. 3-0 City. Thompson knocks it back across goal and Wells reacts sharply to side-foot the ball firmly past the keeper. The first Bermudian to ever score at Wembley. HUGE!! 

27: Wells almost pounces on a knock down and forces a corner. Every City cross looks dangerous.

Wells in the British press this morning: "We want to make up for last time against Swansea. It was a very harsh lesson and we’ve taken a lot on board from that day."

You're on you way lad!

26: Platt gets a header away but it's way wide. Cobblers look a little one-dimensional to me.

23: Wells streaks away down the right and keeps the ball well. Reid works the ball into the box and Wells takes the ball but his shot is easily collected by the Town keeper.

19: And it's two!! GOAL. Rory McArdle attacks the cross with real purpose and his header finds the bottom corner. Wells involved in some vigorous celebrations. What a start. The former Dandy Town man is in League One next season at this rate.

17: The Cobblers come forward, stung into action, but you have to say City look the much better side so far. Wells gone a little quiet after good start but his team are in the lead.

15: GOAL!!! City go 1-0 up. Good work from Kyle Reid and Gary Thompson but Hanson lobs the keeper with a superb header. Advantage the Bantams.

14: City's James Hanson wins a corner.

13: Games gone a little scrappy after a positive start from Nahki and Bradford. City have more quality on the ball so far.

11: Bold prediction here but I think Nahki's going score this morning. He looks sharper than a suited-up David Beckham.

9: Another free-kick and there's chaos in the Northampton area. Wells almost on to the loose ball but it's cleared. 

7: Bit of delay for a head injury in the City box. Wells probably touched the ball more today that he did against Swansea in the 5-0 League Cup final defeat at Wembley in February #pointtoprove

4: Wells helps win a corner and heads over from a Jones cross. Nahki in the thick of things early. He looks like he means business.

3: Bradford with the first meaningful attack and they win a free kick, which Wells hits over the bar. Good pace on the shot but not quite enough whip. Good to see out man in the action early though.

0 min: And we're off.

Bradford: McLaughlin, Darby, McArdle, Davies, Meredith, Thompson, Jones, Doyle, Reid, Hanson, Wells. Subs: Duke, Ravenhill, Atkinson, McHugh, Connell, Hines, Nelson. 
Northampton: Lee Nicholls, Tozer, Carlisle, Cameron, Collins, Hackett, Harding, Guttridge, Demontagnac, O'Donovan, Platt. Subs: Snedker, Johnson, Widdowson, Langmead, Akinfenwa, Robinson, Hornby.

Welcome everyone. Bermuda's own Nahki Wells has a second bite at the Wembley cherry today in the play-off final and the good — if expected — news is he starts.
A total of 25 goals for the season, interested clubs circling and the chance to become the first Bermudian to score at England's national stadium, it doesn't get much better than that, except for maybe adding promotion to the League One to his CV.
We'll follow Nahki's performance this morning - stay with us for updates. Kick-off is in 10 minutes.