December 18, 2013 at 1:12 p.m.

Family hit by ‘wave of grief’

After tragic deaths of father and son, now mother loses battle with cancer in same year
Family hit by ‘wave of grief’
Family hit by ‘wave of grief’

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A grieving family has been hit by the devastating triple heartbreak of losing a mother, a father and a son all in the same year.

Lorrie Bennett-Bean passed away on Saturday in hospital at the age of 47 after a brave battle against cancer.

But her death came just months after she had buried her husband, Millard Bean, as well as her young son, Torrie Baker.

Mr Bean, 47, was killed in an industrial accident in February when part of a roof on a construction site at Morgan’s Point collapsed on him with fatal consequences.

Mr Baker, 22,  had died in a bike accident in St George’s a month earlier.

Today loved ones paid tribute to Mrs Bennett-Bean as a devoted, kind and caring mother.

And friends told the Sun that the popular mother-of-four had showed huge courage after losing her beloved husband and son in such a short space of time.

Mrs Bennett-Bean’s sister, Cheyenne Darrell, told the Sun: “It’s been a difficult year for us as a family — we had not really had a chance to get over the death of Lorrie’s son or husband when she passed.

“We are just trying to be strong for each other at the moment and hold up as best we can.”

The 27-year-old described her sister as a ‘phenomenal woman’ who loved to dance.

She added: “We knew Lorrie was ill, but she never told us how ill because she was trying to be strong for everyone else.

“I don’t think she wanted us to worry so she kept it to herself.

“She always put God first and I believe He saw her through in the end.

“Despite everything that had happened in this last year she did not mope around and was never miserable.

“It made her stronger and she never lost that happy-go-lucky side to her personality.”

The family’s Pastor, Dean Smith, said Ms Bennett-Bean’s family was overwhelmed by grief.

He added: “It’s been a year of tragedy for this family; it started in January and has continued to December.

“A wave of grief has just swept over them and they are now just taking one day at a time.

“Lorrie has been a rock  this last year for the rest of her family. She never lost her faith, her dedication and her loyalty to her family.

“I am trying to put together the words for her eulogy and it’s hard when someone means so much to so many people.

“She put 100 per cent into everything she did.

“She has been a part of our lives for so long and we have tried to do what we can to support her.”

Pastor Smith added: “Lorrie was grief-stricken by what has happened to her family this year.

“But she has grieved internally I think, and put on a brave face for the rest of her family.

“That was just the kind of woman she was.”

Sally Kyle, general manager of the St George’s Club, where Mrs Bennett-Bean had worked for more than 20 years, said: “Lorrie was the VIP award winner for concierge this year. It was very special.

“She was thrilled to win it because it was something bright after losing her son and husband.

“She was a beautiful person inside and out. She always gave everyone else strength.

“If I was having a bad day, I would find a Psalm or something on my desk.” 

Ms Kyle added: “She missed her husband and her son immensely and I think it took its toll on her. I think that’s how it is with cancer. The stress can make the illness worse.

“We will miss her huge presence around the property. She gave us a great sense of peace.

“People are just so sad because they know what a dreadful year she had. It doesn’t seem fair.”

Former colleague Latecia Denbrook told the Sun: “She will be sorely missed. She definitely will be missed not just by the staff here but also by the membership of the St George’s Club.

“We put something on the website yesterday and the remarks that I have got are phenomenal. People are saying that she was such a lovely person. She’s my angel looking down.

“I think the losses of her son and husband were part of it. I think it brought on the sickness faster.” 


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